Privacy Notice

We are Sri Lanka Budget Taxi who provides wide range of services to our customers physically and virtually through our online platforms such as websites, emails and messaging apps. The both product and services are offered by collaborating with different business partners and social media platforms. This privacy statement applies to all the users’ personal information which we are getting from your contacts related to travel and transportation through, mobile applications, chats, emails and posts. This implies the company’s practices in handling and securing the data that users provide to us and that we gather information related to you as a user of our services.

Sri Lanka Budget Taxi makes this privacy statement to information gathered and used by Sri Lanka Budget Taxi. This only applies to users who are getting our services and not for our employees, partners, and contractors with drivers and service and product providers in the transportation industry. We take considerable measures to protect the privacy and your data in accordance with our privacy policy.

Using our service by the users emphasizes that you agree with our terms and practices mentioned in this privacy statement. If you do not like to agree with the content of our Privacy Statement, please do not use any of Sri Lanka Budget Taxi services and products or do not engage with any activities relating to our services.

The way of collecting information and how we use it

We collect information that you provide directly to us through our service rendered platforms such as when you create your account, update or modify your account, delete your account, log into your account portal, request on demand services, get customer service support or use other communication methods like mobile connections, our websites, mobile applications, e-mails and etc. This information includes your name, contact number, email address, permanent address, payment methods, your profile picture and images, requested service information, delivery data and all other information or data that you are willing to provide. We collect information under following categories when you confront to use our services and if you do not like to provide any personal information, you can directly decline to use our services.

Apart from this information, we also collect information that you provide when you visit our websites, mobile applications and when you use our services and interaction methods, your selected preferences and choices, settings that you make, geographical areas and your preferred travel destinations, locations, your devices and URL and protocol address which you use to access our websites. In addition to that, spent time duration in our website, number of times you visited our website and other network information are collected to have a better communication with you and our services. We may collect data on time of calling and messaging, content of them and phone numbers to secure the connection between customer and the drivers.

Your Location Information:

To provide your requested service on time, we should have the details of your current location data and the accurate place about your trip with Sri Lanka Budget Taxi. You need to grant the access permission of your geographical location from your device to be obtained by our drivers. After that, you can disable that function from the setting of your device, by knowing that you will not miss yourself of our services that want your location.

Your Contact Information:

We access the data of your permanent address on your device when you give permission to access your location address while using our services. We will provide our services to your contacts according to stored names and contact information of your address book.

Transaction Information:

The transaction details related to your service provided by us, including the service type, date and time, the amount payed, distance of the journey and other transaction details are collected by us.

Third party information

We collect your third party information also. If you log into your account of our website via social media or any other service provider, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Gmail, wecollect those information for future login confirmation. Drivers or transport service providers will provide your information with us when you use our service. You should know that Sri
Lanka Budget Taxi will not control the information obtained from third parties.


When you use our website we use automatic data collection technologies to keep cookies in order to make sure that you remember the user online preferences and settings in using our services via our website. Through this, we enhance user experience in the use of our services and it is essential to analyze website traffic and trends while knowing the user’s device and network information. This helps to understand our customer behaviors and preferences of using our service. The small text which stored in your browser or device by a website, are called as cookies and it is used to identify authenticated users, track user access and improve user content. You have to decide whether to accept or not to accept the cookies. You should aware that Sri Lanka Budget Taxi cannot control the cookies and use of cookies or the information taken from third party sites linked to our service.

The way of using the collected information

To make a quality service while improving our website

Sri Lanka Budget Taxi uses your data and information which are collected from your responses, requests, updates, communications and other processes to fulfill your requests, send updates, to have better communication with you, facilitate best services and secure your transaction methods, comply with government laws and regulations and provide necessary legal requirements.

To have a better communication

We inform you about our services via emails, text messages and other communication media to provide a better service from our Sri Lanka Budget Taxi. We get inquiries, evaluations, feedbacks on our websites after having a trip with our budget taxi service. We clarify a secured service in every geographical areas, locations, pickup times and etc. We maintain a trustworthy business status with our customers by delivering promotions, discounts, new events and interests through our website.

To have feedbacks and reviews

This helps to enhance and improve our transport and travel services according to your preferences. Getting feedbacks and receiving reviews make us to customize our services at a good quality and efficient way. We will use testimonial information without revealing your personal information and ensure the identity of you as well.

To manage internal activities

We use this information to utilize our business’s internal processes like improving the website content, efficiency of our drivers, maintenance and quality conditioned of our vehicles and analyzing market and customer behavior to measure the trends of budget taxi service.

To maintain clear transaction processes

Users use different transaction methods to make the payments when using our budget taxi services. So we use customer information to clarify the authenticated users and validity of their payment methods which are used with clear verifications.

Your Access to Information

You may request to have access for your personal information to verify it and make updates, modifications, additions and deletions at whenever you want. Please note that, you can retrieve those information for legitimate business purposes only.


We are following strict rules and regulations to protect your privacy and personal information that you provided. We follow best measures and practices in the industry to secure your details from unauthorized access, lost, misuse and disclosure or from any other alleged purposes. We ensure your security at the very first moment when you register with our website and no data transmission happened with third parties. We confirm your data security through our policy statement.

Changes to this privacy policy

As the service provider, we get the right to modify the privacy policy at any time, therefore we kindly inform you to review it frequently. Changes and clarification will take into active and effect immediately with the posting on the website. If our business or company is acquired or merged by another company, your data and information will be transferred to the new owners of the business and in that way we may continue to provide our service to you.

Our contacts

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us using the information below.

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Hotline: +94 0717737036

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